You have finished your every detail of your construction, and now it is time for the finishing look - the paint.

Painting is commonly considered last when approaching a project, but it is perhaps the most critical piece setting apart a top-notch job. Why? Because the painted surface is what people notice first!

Cutting corners on your paint job can ruin the entire look. Villani Painting employs the best techniques and puts in the time needed to produce the clean, elegant result you’re looking for.

A high quality paint job makes all the difference, and it begins with high quality paint!


Our process is highly customized to fit your needs. Here's our 9-step process:

1. Setup an appointment: Contact us to set up your free estimate.
2. Free in-person estimate: John Villani will come out to assess the scope of the job and discuss every detail with you personally.
    This helps ensure that your proposal actually reflects your needs and prevents surprise pricing changes.
3. Prepare proposal: John Villani will draft a proposal based on his estimate.
4. Meet to discuss proposal: John Villani will come by again to go over the proposal and answer any questions you may have.
5. Sign contract: Either during or soon after the second meeting, you can sign and return the contract to Villani Painting.
6. Schedule job start date, time frame, and other logistics: We can discuss the logistical details over the phone.
7. The Project: Our qualified team will come out promptly and work efficiently and diligently on your project.
8. Clean-up: We clean up at the end of each day, and do a thorough clean-up at the end of the job.
9. Follow-up: John Villani visits each job site personally throughout the job, and will be there to close out with you and ensure that
    we have met your expectations. We will also follow up with you to solicit your valuable feedback, as we are constantly striving to
    do better.


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